Friday, 22 May 2015

Filofax Original in Lilac - mmmmmmmmm Review

Eeeeeeks today I am showing off my 'Brand New' Orginal A5 Filofax in Lilac - the official release date for these is 31st May - a few online store's are sending them out this week and I have been given the oportunity to review them - I also have the Personal Size which I love love love and I received her a few days ago :)

So this is my first ever Filofax Review - I will be expressing only my own opion's on the Planner I'm not affiliated by any company for Review Purposes.

This Beauty arrived today perfectly packaged in a cardboard wrap around carton which pretected her completely in the courier's van and the rings are perfectly aligned plus nice and tight. The smell of the gloriously thick leather hit me as soon as I opened the box mmmmmm and I know the smell will last as my other Orginal Filofaxes still have it too

Here she is in all her gorgeous Lilac glory - still in her Acetate Sleeve - this colour is so stunning and Im really happy that my camera has captured her true colour so mmmmmmmmmm

I really love the lilac against the black interior - you do get a lot of inserts which is really nice and is brilliant to get started straight away - another fave of mine about the orginal is the gorgeous Filofax debossed stamp on the inside cover - my fave of all the Filofax brand stamps ever

The diary insert's are for 2016, so I will be printing out some 2015 inserts from May but thats ok as I need to print out A5 monthly and daily inserts any way to be able to use her efficiently. I also will be making some pretty dividers, book marks and clips to colour match

This is the layout of the 2016 Diary - of course I know a lot of people prefer different styles but I quite like this layout for using larger stickers to decorate in the same format as Erin Condren or similar style layouts.

Well there isnt much more I can say about this gorgeous planner at the moment but I will be back soon with lots of pictures once she is set up and decorated how I like xx

Thank You for visiting today

Planning Hugs xx


  1. She looks yum! What a gorgeous colour! Fab review. I live my Filofax Original. Love how flat it opens even without trying. I also love the smell! xxSAMxx

    1. hehehe i love them so much hunnie I now have 4 originals lol - little bit obsessed xx


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