Monday, 1 June 2015

Planning & Decoration - using Bee Crafty Stamps

Today I am sharing with you a few different ideas for using your Bee Crafty Stamps

I have a slight, oh ok I mean huge! Planner Addiction and I have been using various stamps to decorate them up - I also love to upcycle jars, tins, bottles and tubs are not safe in my house and I also sometimes buy jars/boxes of things purely because I want to use them in my Kraft Korner 

So here are a few examples of this week's planning and upcyling

Planner Pages, a Project Life Card and a Paperclip Jar all decorated using the following Bee Crafty stamps...

'Decision to Try' (Lg) - Wordage
'Cow Parsley' - Beautanicals
'Dandelion' - Beautanicals
'Holly Swirl' - Yuletide
'Dandies' - Backdrop Borders

These are the pages for next week in my planner (handbag size) - I have stamped across the top and bottom of the pages using the Beautanicals stamps and the Wordage sentiment

This Jar that I now keep my shaped paperclips in - was a sweetie jar from Christmas. I have wrapped a stamped piece of cardstock around the middle, tided ribbon around twice, I stamped and distressed a tag and attached using a glue gun - simple but pretty

This project life card was a little boring with just the quadrile background and coloured edges, so I randomly stamped round the edges using beautanical's stamps and the holly swirl then distressed the edges using distress inks

Thank you for visiting my Blog today - come back soon for more makes 

Krafty Hugs xx

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