Monday, 15 February 2016

I have Started Up Another Blog - For my Planner's etc x

Hiya and Welcome to my Post about New Blog for my Planner Bubble

I would love for you to visit the New blog via the link below and Follow Me x x
Here I will post about my Fave Planners, my Plan/Kraft Area, any new buys or new planner shops I have found either online or locally - I hope you will like what you see and will visit me often x x

So first for a few pics of my Planner Collection...

On the Top Shelf of my Korner Desk are my 6 Webster's Pages planners, one of my Happy Planners, and some of my Personal Size Filofaxes x x

I must admit I love this Shelf of Personals, i love all the colours - 6 are Sandringham's & 5 Filofaxes

9 A5 Filofaxes and 1 A5 Carpe Diem - I do love to collect lots of similar colours

The Pockets and Mini's are so so cute x x

& my Rose Gold - Kate Spade Wellesley xx
I absolutely love all my planners - there are a couple not in the pics and i also have 3 more on the way - I know its crazy but I just cannot help myself x x
I even have my 4 children into planning too, William 15 has a Black Personal Zip Planner, Ashleigh 13 has a Lilac Piazza Filofax personal, Webster's pages Teal & Light Pink and a personal Floral Filofax, Ethan 9 has a Black Finsbury Personal and little Becca 7 has a Pink Classic personal Filofax, Webster's Pages Light Pink and a Pink Finsbury pocket Filofax. They all love washi and stickers and keeping track of their homework and activities in them. I am training them all well x lol
I have a few layout's from the last few weeks to show you aswell
I love to mixed up my weekly, monthly and daily pages using my washi's, stickers and my craft stash too - I am beginning to see a favourite style coming through with vintage, shabby chic mixed with pastels - I do sometimes use slightly brighter colours but only as a hint of rather than lots 
I absolutely adore these little stickers that I buy from eBay from Japan and Korea. The floral washi's are a Fave of mine aswell. I tend to use pen colours to match into the colour theme ive picked for the week. I am also learning to make my own stickers using my Cameo machine and label paper 
This week's theme is a little brighter due to the washi I chose for the ring strenghtener strips, I like to do that to prevent tearing of my pages in my always over stuffed planner's x The planner I am using for February is my Sea Green Sandringham personal size - its such a beautiful planner and the Leather is amazingly soft and lush x x
Ok that's it for my first post as it's a little long and a lot rambly - I hope to see you here again soon 
Krafty Planner Hugs xx

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