Thursday, 30 June 2016

My Bee Crafty Stamps Collection - New Storage Solution

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I have been busy the last few days giving my Kraft Korner and the rest of my Kraft/Bedroom as I felt I wasnt using the space to its best advantage and I wanted to make life easier when Krafting so i have more time to Kraft rather than half the time hunting for certain Items

Part of this massive job was I wanted to make some of my stamps more easily accessible of course My Bee Crafty Collection
(which is massive as I buy tons, I receive a few from a collection in my DT Pack and then on Payday I just have to order more)
had to be sorted so I came up with a new way to store them without spending a fortune on more storage.

I brought 3 A4 ring binders from my local 'Poundland' store shame they are purple and not Yellow lol (must buy some yellow binders asap), I also brought a pack of 50 laminator punches from Lidl a bargain at just £2.49 - so far my spending was only £5.49, I hunted through my massive cardstock stash for some plain white card - Yay I had loads to spare, I also dug out some of the Sticky Dots I got from C&C ages ago but never found a use for - Using up older stash like this has saved me a lot of money. I also found I had over 50 sheets of acetate (i now have none but found 100 sheets on eBay for £12.99 free postage - so added those to my basket to buy on payday) - the only other thing I needed was a hole punch (i broke my 2 hole punch this week oooops) I got out my trusty Crop-a-dile single hole punch and a permanent marker to mark the holes as needed.

I cut down all my Bee Crafty clear stamp backing sheets (the ones inside all the original packaging from Bee Crafty) so I just had a stack of the images from them, I did this one collection at a time so not to overwhelm myself. I then used the sticky dots to stick all the images onto A4 white cardstock spaced out nicely over 2 or more sheets of card if needed. I then laminated the A4 cardstock, once cool I stuck the corresponding stamps onto the back of each sheet. I lined up a clear acetate sheet over the stamps then marked and punched the holes to add to the binders. I did this for all the sets, some sets I havent completed yet so I mixed these smaller collections together onto sheets too. 

This will make finding the right stamps for my projects a lot easier as im no longer going to be wasting time digging through the drawers I had my stamps in previously

This post is now going to be very pic heavy but I wanted to show you all the pages

File 1 - WORDage and BEAUtanicals

File 2 - BACKdrops, Borders & Frames, Flower & Butterfly sets, Wings & Feathers sets, Leonardo, The Village and Yuletide

File 3 - all my Character Sets from... FASHIONettes, Banksy, Wizard of Oz and Fleur & Freddie collections

I hope this has possible inspired you to make some stamp storage, it takes a while to set up but is so worth it not only does it make it easier to keep your stamps tidy but its also space saving too 

Thank You for visiting today - Please come back soon to see see more Krafty Posts from me 

Krafty Hugs xx


  1. Ok... I take the hint..time to get organised... looking fab xx

    1. muhahahaha Sis xx and thank you xx

  2. Ok... I take the hint..time to get organised... looking fab xx

  3. A great post, Kerrie.....I have mine stored in almost identical way, and as I run workshops, I can see at a glance if any stamps are missing or haven't found their way back onto the sheet. Have a good weekend x

    1. ooooh yeah i forgot to meantion that lol - thanks you for your comment xx have a lovely weekend too x


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