Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Liebster Award

Good Evening everyone . Today a would like to say a big thank you to Caroline who has nominated me to receive the Liebster Award .  It would be nice if you all could pop over to Caroline's blog to see what a great crafter she is .
     Caroline Spice.......Caroline's Blog

The Liebster Award is given to someone who you think is a talented crafter and has less than 200 followers on their blog .
This is to encourage more people to visit them.

       The rules !!!

You need to thank the person who has nominated you for the award and post a link back to their blog . Then you can pass the award on to 5 of your blogger friends who you admire and have less than 200 followers . Leave a comment on their blog so they know they have been Nominated .

      So i Nominate

Carley Duff

Elaine Burnett

Cheremane Smith

 Shell Durrant

Sue Ashcroft

Hope you enjoy your Awards ladies .... You are all very talented.

Have a lovely day .

Love and Hugs to you all

Kezzla xxx


  1. Thank you kerrie , I hope this helped bring many more people to your blog. Your work is beautiful . Hugs Caroline xx

    1. thank you again huni xxxx and i hope it does ie only got 43 xx

  2. Thankyou so so much Kerrie!! You are my biggest inspiration in the crafty world :) <3 xxxx

    1. awwwww thankyou my huni xxxxx loves you xx


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