Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Paper Rose Tutorial xx

I made a wedding card this morning with 4 handmade paper roses on the front and i was asked how they were made so i thought a blog tutorial would help xx

 First choose 3 Blossom dies all 1 size larger than each other and die cut them using a Die Cutting Machine.

 Next using a small pair of scissors cut the largest one from edge to the middle - then the 2 smaller ones cut out a section as shown, discard one of the tiny sections

 Next apply tacky glue to 1 petal on each the 3 larger pieces.

 Bend each piece over and stick the end 2 petals together.
Using a pair of gripper tweezers curl over the edges of each petal on all 3 larger pieces.
Apply a blob of tacky glue to the middle of the largest piece.
Attach the next largest piece
and hold in place with your
finger until the glue sticks.

Repeat with the next smallest piece.

Now take the smallest piece from earlier, curl over the edges and sniap away the corner.

 Holding the gripper tweezers on the edge.
 Curl this piece around the tweezers and apply tacky glue to the edge.
 Hold on the end of the tweezers until the glue sticks.
You will have a tight curl that looks like a bud.
Apply a blog of tacky glue to the centre of the paper rose.

Hold the tiny bud in place with your finger until the glue sticks.

This is the finished paper rose.

I hope you have found this Tutorial useful thank you for reading and i hope to see you again soon

Luv & Krafty Hugs
Kerrie xx


  1. Fab tutorial, Kerrie - the roses look great.
    Hugz, Jan xx

  2. Great tutorial, will have to get me some of those dies now lol x

  3. Good tute Kerry... now then...where's me dies?

  4. Thank you kerrie this is a great help xx

  5. such a great help to all crafters. superstar sis xx

  6. Terrific tutorial. I would not have thought to make a rose that way!


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