Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Where I was Last Week xx

I just wanted to show a few photos to show where I was last week and why there was a gap in my posting's of a whole week (not like me at all lately) xx

It was one of my Best Friend's Daughters Birthday's and I was the Baker for her Birthday Cake and then I attended her Birthday Party too with my youngest two children reBecca 5 and Ethan 7 xx

The cake was a big surprise to Lily-Rae the Birthday Girl as her Mummy Becky had told her that she had just a princess Tray Bake for her cake this year as bless her heart she believed it, the Birthday cake I made was for her Birthday Tea with her Family x

But in actual fact I was creating her Fave Princess out of chocolate spongecake and icing xx

Here is my version of a Disney Rapunzel Birthday Cake xx

I really do enjoy baking every now and again it is a hobby of mine alongside my cardmaking but I can do this very often anymore due to arthritis so I only bake for close friends and family now xx

Here are my cheeky kiddies after being face painted at the Birthday Party where the tray bake was actually cute and given out in the party bags xx

They both had a lot of fun and so did the other Children

Krafty Hugs 
Kerrie xx


  1. Awww Love this so much :) Lily was thrilled with the cake. We went to upload the video today, but Ray's phone had some sort of malfunction and did not record the most important part :/
    Thank you so much x x x

    1. you are all very welcome - so glad Lily was happy and surprised xxxxx

  2. Beautiful cake. You are very talented.


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